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Lights, camera, action! Behind-the-scenes with Ken Lam

It has always been my wish to show my clients a behind-the-scenes video of how I work. Since I am based in England, I sometimes only get to meet my overseas clients on the day of the wedding photoshoot! Having a video of how I work will help my clients know what to expect on the day of the photoshoot. Last year, my dear friend and multi-awards winning videographer Pete from Engage Cinema (one of the best videographers in UK) made that happen for me.  I am so grateful to Pete, and my clients Billy & Khyle, Gordon & Carol, Yau & Evita for enabling us to make this video into a reality.

I would like to think that my No.1 fan is my 3 year old son Karl, who apart from watching Thomas & Friends and Fireman Sam, also enjoys watching this video – he always imitates me when I say the word “passion”! I hope you enjoy watching this video too.

Photograph that appeared in the video – Billy & Khyle: Pre-wedding in Paris.