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Charley: Model Portfolio in Newcastle

Not long ago, I received a request to be the wedding photographer for a bride called Tia Wedgewood, on Christmas Eve (congratulations Tia!). Unfortunately I will not be in UK during the time. Tia then asked if I could instead arrange a photoshoot for her daughter Charley, who is a model building up her modelling portfolio. The weather on the day was EXTREMELY cold (8 degree celsius), at the coast, it was even few degree lower but Charley was very co-operative and professional, so we managed to capture many nice photos for Charley to use as her model portfolio. Best of luck Charley in the pursue of your career!

Model Charley lying on the beach

At the Blackfriars.

Model at Blackfriars


Time for a rest at the Newcastle Town Wall.

Model sitting by Newcastle Wall



This photo has turned out better than I expected. The bluey sky and velvety sand effect are all real. No editing has been done to this photo. I took advantage of the natural light that emitted from the left to give Charley a warmer skin tone and to make her stand out in the photo.

Model by Tyneside Beach


Charley reflecting.

Model reflecting


Charley looks very calm and cool but in fact she was freezing! It was only 6 degrees celscius! I was wearing my jacket and I was still feeling cold! How this photo came about was, I noticed a collection of rocks near the beach, I wanted to compose a photo where the rocks could lend the photo a distinctive background and still giving Charley a chance to show her modelling talent. When I saw a huge rock, I asked Charley to go and sit on it. The photo has turned out very nicely and I think Charley deserves this as she worked very hard during the day.

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