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    Someone is thinking of you this Christmas.

    A few days ago, I received a message from the sister of a previous client.  I was the photographer to her sister Katie’s wedding 2 years ago.  Katie has recently become the mother to a beautiful little girl (congratulations!).  Lauren says that this year is like no other, because this is the year she becomes “aunty” and she wants to give her sister a special Christmas gift, so she asked if she could purchase a photoshoot as a gift for Katie and her family. I was very touched by this.  The love of a sister towards her sibling. Photographs are very precious indeed.  I photograph to remember.  That is why…

  • Baby Photography,  Family Photography,  Portraits,  Wedding Photography

    Small Wonders

    It is Spring time in England!  Cherry Blossoms and Daffodales are blooming everywhere; the sun has come out to play.  This weekend I spent some time doing a set of Children Portraits.  I love doing people photography (with movements), and children happen to be the most natural subjects for a photographer.  Their fun-loving nature know no boundaries.  This pair of brother & sister – Katie & Luke are unbelievably cute and adorable! She ain’t heavy, she is my sister. Looking curious?