Passionate about … Newcastle or Insurance!

Recently, a representative from Northern Counties Insurance Brokers contacted me via e-mail. At first I thought they wanted to sell me insurance, but they were actually asking me about using a photo that I took of the Quayside, Newcastle-upon-Tyne. They saw it from TrekEarth, a space where I upload my travelling photos. After a series of discussions, they have commissioned to use this photo and it is now in Yellow Pages UK, which made me really happy 🙂 It is also used on their website on the “contact us” page. This is one of my favourite photos of Newcastle, I call it “Romantic Quayside” because of the pinkish and purplish colours at sunset. I love Newcastle!


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  • Alexis

    Hi Ken,

    That’s brilliant news! And you have taken some great pictures of Newcastle :0) And this one above looks perfect for a postcard too.

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