My love, my motivation all come from…

I have been working so hard for Ken Lam Photography for the past few months. Everytime I receive emails from clients, I become so excited and start to think what I am going to do for them on their big day (even before they booked me 🙂 ha ha ). I then start to do research of the wedding venue, nice scenery around etc. I will try and picture the wedding venue in my mind first. I treat every wedding job like my own wedding I am 100% committed, and always have high expectations in exploring new ways and photography techniques as I do not want to capture similar style in each wedding because every couple is unique.

在過去數月,我不斷為我的攝影公司– Ken Lam Photography 而努力。每當收到客戶的電郵,我都非常興奮,並且會不斷地想著如何為他們的大日子作最好的準備,又或者先往婚禮場地作視察 (但有時其實他們仍然未曾決定聘請我…哈哈。如此著緊,是為著給每一對新人一個新的感覺。我並不想將我的工作當作例行工事,我希望每次都能在婚禮尋找到一些屬於新人的一些特質,最重要的,希望每一輯婚照都是獨一無二,都全屬於一對新人的。


In this post, I would like to thank my lovely wife, Ling (Shirley). (I have to write this post quickly when she is sleeping. Otherwise, she may stop me from posting this!). Ling has been helping me a lot since my blog was launched in August, 2007. She helps me check my email, blog, carry photography equipments etc.

At the Gold Coast Hotel in Hong Kong on 26th December 2007
Special thanks to Lawrence Tsang for taking this photo for us at the Hong Kong Gold Coast Hotel.
在此大作中,我最希望是多謝我最愛的太太 – Ling (Shirley)(我需要寫快一點,否則她睡醒了就會停止我再寫我的大作 !) 這個 BLOG 07 8 月面世的,這個 BLOG,並非我一人功勞,背後實在需要多謝太太的實質支持。例如查看電郵及 BLOG 、幫助修改英文,更甚的是協助我外出拍攝時做體力勞動,幫忙搬運攝影器材。


No matter what I do, she always supports me without any hesitation. We have been together for 7 years. Whenever I am happy/unhappy, she is always there for me to share my sweet and sour. Ling, you are my soulmate and my motivation in life. Without you, I do not think I will be able to achieve what I have today. Thank you for loving me so much. Because of this, I will always try to bring her along whenever I have wedding photoshoots (without considering whether it is profitable as clients do not usually pay for travel expenses for my wife haha)



Ling, just want to say I love you always.


P.S.: Thank you Louis, for helping me translate this paragraph into Chinese.


  • Carrie Ee

    I know Shirley is a very supportive wife who have helped Ken a lot. Over the years, Shirley has improved her cantonese, her ‘speed’ in her daily life style and she now walks as fast as a Hong Kee. Shirley is a very lovely gal. She always supports Ken in his photography career. She goes every where with Ken whenever Ken has an wedding assignment. She helps to set up the tripod. Over the years, her ‘speed’ in setting up the tripod has also been improved.

    Shirley, I am very proud of you! Ken, you are so lucky of having such a lovely wife. I know you are an unpolished diamond – you are going to sparkle in the world of wedding photography.

  • Sam

    this is one of the sweetest things I read , it sounded from the heart and not like so many others fake and just for show , it touched me 🙂 , I was actually looking for a wedding dress and ideas and somehow got on this page and it was ment for a reason I believe , I wish u all the happiness and for ur love to glow forever

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