Hong Kong Wedding Photo Slideshow

I’ve finally found the time to organise all our wedding photos and created this photo slideshow. I feel sorry for all my family and friends as they have been waiting to see our wedding photos for quite sometime. I have also created several more versions e.g. Sony PSP and IPOD version, DVD version, High Definition 1080p version (for you to watch while on MTR / bus). This slideshow is especially made for you all. I hope you enjoy watching it.[youtube=]

Civil registration: Eden Marriage Registry, Hong Kong Park, Central
Wedding reception: The Grand Marquee, Hong Kong Gold Coast Hotel
Photographs by: My good friend Lawrence Tsang, and official photographer Anthony Ho.


  • Su Lee

    Aw Ken your wedding looked lovely! I’m really sorry I couldn’t be there! Your photographer did a great job and the slideshow was really good, it nearly made me cry, hehe! 🙂 Hope you and Ling are good. speak soon, Su xx

  • Candy 18

    I like this video and the background music. I also find a lots of my smiling face, haha…..This video is good for recalling this happy moment.

  • Estee

    It’s a very great slideshow!!! U’re brilliant…
    Each photos showed every single happy moment and I can truly feel the happiness in everyone of your friends!!!
    Keep it up and u’re definately my wedding pgotographer when I get marry, ok???
    Take care

  • Jimmy Lam

    i Love Your SlideShow

    粗略地看過你的部落格(粗略是因為看圖略字 >_< 我的英文水平真是 X!#?YZ…),整個篇幅都是英文字,最後我還是選擇用中文,說到底這也是我們自出娘胎的母語,比較有親切感,中國人才看得懂.


    我們雖是稱兄道弟,但卻是聚少離多,盼望你們下次來港時可以預留多一點時間給我,一同去外影,食飯,唱K (讓我大展歌喉) haha


    你是我的御用攝影師. 我的婚禮你一定要到啊 !


  • Shirley Kong

    Love your slideshow, well done! Though I wasn’t able to attend your wedding, you have told your story through the videos and slideshows….Your wedding photos and videos are so inspiring and it really makes me start thinking about marriage….when that day comes….you have to be my photographer….

    Wish you and Ling ‘bai tou xie lao’!

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