A Moment Like This…

After 10 months into my 2008 assignments, I finally found the time to upload my latest wedding portfolio onto the new home page.

Ken Lam Wedding Portfolio

These are photographs taken this year. Having only done 3 advertisements this year, I am having 6 clients’ backlogs! I guess it’s good that I’m not twiddling my thumb not knowing what else to do on a quiet weekend.

This year, I am so fortunate to meet clients with wonderful personalities, but most importantly there is one commonality amongst most of them*; they say: “We want someone to freeze all these moments (at our wedding). These are not just ordinary photographs, these are photographs to last a lifetime”. So I want to say thank you to you all for giving me this opportunity to witness and capture one of your most important moments in life.

*I say “most” clients, as there was one bride who said “Ken, I chose you because you took good pictures of Jimmy Choo shoes!” (!)   That’s the most unusual reason I have heard.  This will go down in history.

Anyway, I hope you enjoy my new portfolio. Please send me some feedback.


  • Sino & Gary

    Wow, again…. I LOVE IT!
    Love the new portfolio. It really shows your excellent work this year!
    Thanks for taking wonderful pictures for us at the wedding. Every time when we see the pictures, the loveliness of the moment and all the emotion will go through our hearts again.

  • Carmen

    Your portfolio for 2008… so far… is just ‘beautiful’, along with one of my favourite songs by Leona Lewis!
    For me looking at your work, it is not ‘work’… it’s pure art with all the emotions captured in each unique shot.
    We are so looking forward to meeting you and we are very exited to what 2009 may bring you… and us!

  • Mrs B.Wifey

    Mind-blowing, breath-taking, utterly and truly a Masterpiece that can only be created by a Master photographer.

    Ken, you create “Life” in still images and bring out the “Love” that is experienced by the people in the photographs. “Motions” and “Emotions”, all savoured into perfect detail, onto beautiful photographs that would last for a lifetime.

    You are a magician with the camera, and a genius with the lens.

    Congratulations on producing such a spectacular and extraordinary piece of portfolio!

  • kenlam

    Thank you so much for your support!

    Johnny, Sino&Gary, Carmen, Cynthia, B.Wifey.

    Your support means a lot to me. Without you, I don’t think I can continue doing wedding assignments (so tired nowadays!!) However, whenever I pick up my cameras, I am a totally different person. Very energetic! I will keep up the good work!

    The song is indeed by Leona Lewis.

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