A big surprise to Venice

I still remember contacting Anie, the wife of world renowned wedding photographer: Yervant, in March regarding his photography workshop to be held in Venice from 4th-7th May.  I knew that I will probably miss a few hours of the workshop if I decided to go to the workshop as it starts on the Monday morning.   Since I had to photoshoot Suzanne and Paul’s wedding at Linden Hall on Sunday (the day before the workshop), so I gave up the idea of attending altogether 🙁

A few days ago, on Friday, Shirley suddenly handed me an A4 size envelope with a beautiful red & black ribbon on it.  I said:  “What is that?”  She told me to open it, with a cheeky smile.  Once I opened it, I saw a brochure with a photo of Venice on the front page, with the words:

“Yervant and Anie are excited to welcome you to an exquisite journey of inspiration in magnificent Venezia”.

The brochure included the itinerary for the 4-day workshop schedule.  The envelope also included our two return air tickets to Venice and the details of the hotel, Palace Bonvecchiati where we were going to stay for the duration of the workshop and where the classes were conducted.  I was speechless. I was so touched.  She knows that I always want to learn from the best.  Yervant is one of the Top 3 Wedding Photographers in the world and his work is top-class.  I didn’t think I would be able to make it.  Ling, you have given me the best present I have ever received.  Thank you so much.

Anyway, I still had to work on that Sunday’s wedding (which is 3 days ago) and finished it at 9:30 pm.  Very tiring and exhausted.  I then went home to upload all the images, packed, slept for 2 hours and went straight to the airport at 4:00am.  My life has never been so busy like that.  I still can’t believe that I am here in Venice with Shirley now.  I am now blogging in the hotel.   I just can’t wait for the Day 3 workshop to start… can’t wait to be inspired again!

Below are some of the images taken on the workshop.


  • Joanne

    Ling and Leung, you are in Venice? Wow… you must be excited to be in that workshop! So, I tried to call both of you, but neither of your phone is working. 🙁 And the service provider spoke to me in Italian… I’ll call Ling when you guys get home ok?

  • kenlam

    Yes, she went with me to Venice to learn and shop as well 🙂

    yes, indeed very excited..we will give you a call soon

    Thanks Alexis, thank you for you support

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