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SEPTEMBER SPECIAL: Europe Pre-Wedding Photography

We are pleased to announce a special September Sale for our pre-wedding photography packages in...MORE »

Paris Pre-Wedding Photography – 巴黎歐洲攝影

Happy New Year to all who have come upon this post! Year 2017 has been such a hectic and...MORE »

Europe Pre-wedding | Pre-wedding Prague | Pre-wedding Paris |

Europe Pre-wedding Photography We are pleased to announce our 2018 Europe Pre-wedding Photography...MORE »

2017 Europe Pre-Wedding Photography – Paris, Santorini, Venice, Rome, Provence, Tuscany, Florence, Prague

Europe Pre-wedding Photography 2017 歐洲婚紗攝影 We are delighted to announce the dates for another...MORE »

Love… In Paris: Paris Pre-wedding Photography

My first photo-shoot in Paris for the year is a ‘post’-wedding (instead of a...MORE »

Venice Pre-wedding | Prague Pre-wedding | Paris Pre-wedding

Venice Pre-wedding | Prague Pre-wedding | Paris Pre-wedding Venice Pre-wedding | Prague Pre-wedding...MORE »

Paris Pre-wedding photography – Kristy & Martin – P

I sometimes hear my clients saying “Paris is not unique for photo shoots anymore”. ...MORE »

My Recent Favourite Pre-Wedding and Wedding Photographs

Due to my constant travels and heavy workloads, it has been almost two months since I updated my...MORE »

Valerie & Juston – Pre-wedding shoot in Paris

It is always a pleasure to work with couples from the States especially Valerie & Juston from...MORE »

Kathy & Alan – Pre-wedding Photography in Paris

I am so pleased to meet Kathy and Alan who came all the way from Hong Kong to have their...MORE »

Gladys & Kevin – Pre-wedding/Engagement photoshoot in Paris – The Rain Series

In the past I have received e-mails from clients before their pre-wedding photo-shoot: “Ken,...MORE »

Kelly & Keith – Pre-wedding photoshoot in Paris

I recently posted a slideshow of Kelly and Keith in Paris – the photographs below are some of...MORE »

Sneak preview of Diana & William – Pre-wedding in Paris

Sneak preview of Pre-wedding in Paris On my birthday, there were friends who asked why I still had...MORE »

Cuby & Samuel – Pre-wedding in Paris

Each time I visit Paris, I learn something new; I learn a little more French, a little more...MORE »

Kennis & Horatio – Pre-wedding in Paris

Lovely sunset from the left. …MORE »...MORE »