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Carrie & Allan – Pre-wedding in Manchester

Carrie and Alan do not come from the same country.  One from HK and another one from China. It is always a big challenge to keep such a long distance relationship.  I believe it is not easy but I am confident their relationship will blossom.

It was all set in Manchester.  This is the place which Carrie and Alan met each other. On the day, we didn’t have many plans.  So, the couple decided to take me to where they used to go i.e. Indian street, Manchester City Hall.  Many people have told me that we do not usually get good weather in Manchester.  The couple was worrying about this issue.  I think it is every couples’s questions when it comes to a photo shoot.  I always tell them that no matter what the weather is like, don’t let this get into your way.  Honestly, I sometimes prefer to shoot under the rain or cloudy weather.  As a photographer, I believe that we all should adapt into it different situation and tackle it.  For me, it is about capturing the people, their personality.  Last but not least, Carrie, thank you so much for the butterfly biscuit.  We all love it and Karl had most of it while I am away 🙁