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    Small Wonders

    It is Spring time in England!  Cherry Blossoms and Daffodales are blooming everywhere; the sun has come out to play.  This weekend I spent some time doing a set of Children Portraits.  I love doing people photography (with movements), and children happen to be the most natural subjects for a photographer.  Their fun-loving nature know no boundaries.  This pair of brother & sister – Katie & Luke are unbelievably cute and adorable! She ain’t heavy, she is my sister. Looking curious?

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    Solanki Family Portraits in Leicester, UK

    Having an opportunity to take family portraits is a very enjoyable experience.  I got to know Anil in 2001 when I was studying at Staffordshire Uni.  Anil also attended my wedding in Hong Kong last year.  He is a great friend of mine.  I love his family too.  They are excellent hosts when we were in Leicester,UK.  Back to the main point, when they were told that they would be having family portraits, Solanki’s family was so up for it before I arrived.   They were all dressed up nicely.  I was very surprised.  The traditional indian clothing “Sari” is so beautiful.  Below are some of the best shots from this session.  Thank you to my assistants Ling…