Melaka Wedding Highlights of the Night video, Malaysia

This video below shows the highlights of the night in Melaka. It highlighted what happened during the evening wedding reception at Renaissance Hotel in Melaka. Through watching the video, I realise that Peter, our videographer, pays great attention to detail. One of the scenes that touched me is the one where Ling and myself were laughing, we then turned and looked at each other for a moment in the video. Peter captured that little moment, and froze it in the video.



  • Shirley Kong

    Hi Ken and Ling, I can’t emphasise how much I love ur wedding videos and photos…I keep watching it over and over again….

  • Carol

    Hye, it was a beautiful video indeed .. I am planning to get married soon .. Well, go through for options over the internet and I came across yours .. Congrats!

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