Melaka Wedding Highlights of the Day video, Malaysia

This video below shows the highlights of the day in Melaka. It highlighted what we did during the day in Melaka. This video has a “the making of” style, how the photos for the day were taken. Melaka is very historical and scenic and it happened that there were a lot of “red” (lucky colour for Chinese people) walls there to match the ocassion. We would like to say thank you to our videographer Peter for making such a memorable video for us.



  • JJ

    Congrats to the loving. charming couple, Ling and Leung. It was great fun watching the video. Certain scenes are really touching. Moments of happiness, joy and jubilance were caught vividly on the video. May you enjoy long lasting happiness, good health and properity in the years ahead. Congrats to the videographer for doing a good job!


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