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I recently received a lovely comment from an expert wedding planner in London about her appreciation of my work, she is Shadi from Shooting Star Weddings. Shadi and I share a commonality; we are both very passionate about what we do. Shooting Star Weddings was established by Shadi Ganjavian-Connor & Laleh Afshar, they are wedding designers and planners based in the UK, and have been organising events both in the UK and abroad for 11 years.

Laleh says that ‘We take your dream and turn it into your wedding reality, your fairy tale becomes ours, and we treat every wedding as if were our first’.

This is the same way I feel about photography. Each wedding that I photoshoot, I photograph them as if it was my own. I still remember the time when I was photographing Lynda and Omar’s wedding, there was a moment after they announced “you are now husband & wife”, Omar’s mum burst into tears and went forward to hug her son. I felt so moved, but I reminded myself to stay professional and capture the distinctive moment.

Thank you Shadi for your positive feedback. I always find it refreshing to meet other wedding photographers, videographers and I would very much look forward to meeting with the Shadi and Laleh in London soon.

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