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Asta and Ian – Pre-wedding Photoshoot in Paris

Paris: is truly “the most romantic city in the world”.

There is a somewhat mystical, dark and romantic feel to this beautiful European city.  Everywhere you go, you see painting artists, people drinking coffee, couples holding hands, set against some stunning backdrops, Paris is indeed one special city.

It has also proven to be the most popular destination for 2009 pre-weddings for my clients!  6 couples have chosen this city as their preferred pre-wedding location.  The photos below show the first of these six couples: Asta and Ian.

The sun has gone down.  Time for some night shots!  This was taken at 10pm.  It was freezing but Asta and Ian were brave!  Thanks guys for putting up with the cold, and to let me execute this shot.

Look at them, all cosied up and relaxed.  They do not look cold at all, it was only 5°c!

Stay tuned!


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