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Carmen & Paul – Wedding at Colwick Hall Hotel, Nottingham

This is the second time I have been to Nottingham for a wedding.   Carmen emailed me 8 months ago about my availability.  Carmen & Paul are very caring people.  Throughout the wedding, I noticed there were a lot of effort and preparation that have been put into the wedding especially items bought all the way from Hong Kong, like the Chinese lanterns used to decorate the marquee, the Dim Sum miniature bamboo basket as wedding favours, and the Chinese parasols.  There were so many detail-shots to capture.

Although the schedule was packed with activities throughout the wedding day, I still enjoyed it very much.  My most memorable experience was to shoot their First dance as a husband & wife.  Carmen & Paul were full of joy and tears. I wish you both all the best in a near future.

Wedding ceremony/venue: Colwick Hall Hotel
Carmen & Paul - Wedding at Colwick Hall Hotel
Bride & bridesmaids with parasols.

Carmen & Paul's wedding at Colwick Hall - NottinghamColwick Hall wedding in Nottingham
Carmen the bride, and her bridesmaids were all in high spirits.  Look at the little one at far right – looking adorable with a kids-size parasol.

Carmen & Paul's wedding at Colwick Hall - Nottingham
After the Chinese tea ceremony, Carmen changed into her wedding gown.

Carmen & Paul's wedding at Colwick Hall - Nottingham
Carmen’s beautiful Jimmy Choo shoes.

Carmen & Paul's wedding at Colwick Hall - Nottingham

Carmen & Paul's wedding at Colwick Hall - Nottingham

Carmen & Paul's wedding at Colwick Hall - Nottingham

Carmen & Paul's wedding at Colwick Hall - Nottingham

Carmen & Paul's wedding at Colwick Hall - Nottingham

Carmen & Paul's wedding at Colwick Hall - Nottingham

I was indeed very surprised and touched when Paul was trying to read part of his speech in Cantonese to Carmen’s parents (message as below).

“好啦 ! 我開始架喇 我好想多謝carmen既屋企人俾我成為佢一家人既一份子. 我為你地感到好自豪因為你地培養出一個又好, 又細心, 又體貼既女.

你地應該覺得好驕傲好自豪因為你地chau大o左一個咁好,細心咁體貼既女. 我亦都想話俾你地知我係真心愛carmen 同我一生一世都禁愛佢同照顧佢.

多謝你地呀!! 我好好架!! 你地放心交比我啦”

In English it translates as:

“OK.  Here I go.  I want to thank Carmen’s parents for allowing me to part of the family.  I feel very proud of you because you have brought up such a lovely, kind-hearted and caring daughter.

I’d also like to say to you that I am truly in love with Carmen, and I will love her and look after her for the rest of my life.

Thank you to both of you.  I am a good man!!  Don’t worry, your daughter is in good hands.”

Carmen & Paul - Wedding at Colwick Hall Hotel
Carmen getting quite emotional during the speech.

Carmen & Paul's wedding at Colwick Hall - NottinghamColwick Hall wedding in Nottingham
First Dance as husband & wife.

Carmen & Paul's wedding at Colwick Hall - Nottingham

Colwick Hall Hotel in the evening.

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  • Alexis

    Ken, that 1st photo of the bride and bridesmaids with the chinese umbrellas is brilliant. love it! What a nice touch. The bride and her bridesmaids look lovely, gorgeous cheong sam dress.

    I think you should also make an album of just Jimmy Choo shoes 🙂 that would be heavenly! x

  • Pauline sum

    Hi Ken,

    You did a really good job, the photo’s look amazing!!.. Carmen looks so pretty, love the photo Paul & Carmen first dance, and Carmen and us holding the parasols walking back into the hotel.. Everyone was everywhere, it was pouring it down on the day, Carmen was so worried that the wether was going to ruin the day… I must say, you really did capture the moments and made her felt happy to be able to keep good memory’s even though it was raining, because in the photo’s it look fantastic;).. Keep up the good work Ken, look forward to see the rest of the photo’s when its ready..

    Takecare good care;)

  • Su Lee

    Oh my gosh Ken – as usual your photos are amazing!! They’re fabulous. I really like the ones with the bride and bridesmaids with parasols and also the first dance, stunning photos. And the bride looks gorgeous – I love her red chinese dress!! Hope you and Shirley are well and that you’re enjoying your dream job Ken 🙂

    love, Su xx

  • Carmen & Paul

    We were over the moon when your wife Shirley emailed us back to say you were available on our wedding day… in fact, we were elated!
    This was as soon as we had a wedding date set ~ and at that stage we still hadn’t found a venue!

    We had only just began searching when we came across your website. As soon as we saw your amazing photographs, we just knew ~ We had found the one and was very exited!

    You photographs, where we both describe as ‘art’ amazes us everytime and to us every masterpiece tells such a special story, they all fill us with such deep emotions.

    Looking through your previous weddings and pre-wedding shoots, we knew that we could put complete trust and faith in you. We wanted someone that understood both the Chinese & English culture as we wanted our wedding day to be greatly influenced by our family roots ~ yet not taking away your contemporary style that we love and admire.

    On our magical (and manic!) big day, your passion and energy shone from morning til late.
    Your drive to create the perfect and beautiful shots simply showed.

    Looking at our photos brings back all those happy memories and all the emotional ones too.
    We both had a wonderful and magical day… and only your photos have captured those special moments that are more than magical memories to us.

    I really cannot thank you enough Ken, for being a fantastic person and an amazing photographer. You really are so talented and gifted along with your relaxed but being so passionate attitude makes us admire you the more.

    Although our day has been and gone all too quick, shared with all of our lovely family and friends ~ we now have the amazing photos ~ our ever lasting memories to treasure for the rest of our lives.

    It completly amazed us to see Paul’s Chinese speech on here!
    “Once again bringing emotional tears to my eyes as the memories come flooding back when he said those words on our wedding day”

    Thank you for sharing our day.
    Thank you to you & Shirley for everything

    Take good care and I look forward to seeing many more of your amazing work for others

    Love ~ Carms & Paul xx

  • faye holmes

    the pictures are absolutely gorgeous, you have done such a good job, i am sure Carmen and Paul are over the moon with them.
    It was an amazing day, and the pictures have brought back all the memories of the day xx

  • Pauline

    I really like the contrast of the first photo! The image (of Chinese dresses) doesn’t fit in the environment (English surroundings), yet so appealing!

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