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Yvonne & Simon – Paris pre-wedding slideshow

It was wonderful to capture the pre-wedding photos for Yvonne and Simon in Paris few months ago.

Yvonne and Simon are a very easy-going couple.  Yvonne gave me an impression that she is someone who doesn’t mind whether the make up will look good or not and Simon only worried whether his glasses would affect the quality of the photograph  🙂

You guys are so natural.  I love it.  Everything went so smooth on the day.  We walked around the city and shot the images as we went along.   Everywhere we went, we were blessed with the good weather and were cheered on by the local Parisians.  I felt so relaxed during this pre-wedding session especially after dinner time when Yvonne ordered a bottle of red wine for us all during the meal even before the photo shoot ended.  🙂

I also have to give credit to both of them for your co-operation during the photo shoot.  They had no complain when they were asked to do all the difficult poses for me.  One of the images that I took in fact became one of the most important images in my career, it earned me the “Kodak UK Wedding Photographer of the Year”.

Thank you Yvonne for trying to do the poses I wanted.  The photo itself looks stunning even without any retouching.

As a wedding photographer, my main aim is not only about winning awards.  It is more about creating great memories for my couples, and getting positive feedback from them.  Whenever I show a couple their photographs, and if I see their smiles, I will be very satisfied and happy.

This is one of my most enjoyable pre-wedding photo shoots in Paris this year.


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