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Simon, Xandra & daughters: A Family Portrait

I can’t remember when was the last time I blog.  🙁  It is probably late Dec last year.  I often post wedding or pre-wedding photographs on my blog.

It is not often I post family photos or other kind of photographs on my blog.  I think it is time for a change to post something new.  Last year, it was my first time to meet Simon in Hong Kong.  He is one of photographer I admire a lot.  His work is always fresh and inspirational.  During the lunch, Simon suddenly asked if I can take some family photos for him, Xandra and Shulin plus Shuyan(was still inside Xandra’s tummy at that time). I am honoured to be invited by Simon to take his family photographs in Hong Kong.  Why me?? as there are lots of great photographers in Hong Kong.  Anyway, I took it as a great compliment.  Thank you so much for your trust.

This year, we have decided to do the cross over family photos.  I do agree with Simon, it was quite a fun process with two photographers, two families taking photographs of each other.  To be able to capture the children grows in different stages in life is very precious.  I got to admit that I have taken over 15000 images for Karl since he was born and created the album for him as well. No regret at all as I know what I am going to miss if I do not capture his moments during his growth.  Having seen my family’s photo published on Simon’s blog.  I think that I got to work a little bit faster as well :).  Anyway, I hope that we can have such a fun gathering every year.

Location: Tai Po Waterfront Park.

Assisted by Canly from SimonThePhoto

Shuyan is as beautiful as Xandra and Simon.

Thanks Canly for taking this photo for us.

Kodak UK Wedding Photographer of the Year


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