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Simply stunning. Simply Santorini.

Santorini-19 by you.

26th December was our first year wedding annniversary.  I have always wanted to take Ling, my adorable wife to a special place for our anniversary .  I chose Santorini island.  A small island in Greece.  I have had Santorini on my mind for a long time.  I have heard that it is not only a good place for photography (hehe) but also has one of the most beautiful sunsets in the world. 

The night before we departed, I asked Ling to pack her bags and said I was taking her to a special place.  She didn’t know where we would be heading until we checked in at the Newcastle Airport.  Surprise!!!  Ling has been helping me a lot ever since I started my photography journey.  She is not only my super lighting assistant, she is also the rock on my back… oh no… the rock on my back is my camera!  She is my rock.

Hope you like these photographs.

Santorini-1 by you.

Driving on the other side of the road (right-hand side of the road) is not easy on the brain!  We rented a little Smart car.  It was the ideal car for this island with small roads and turnings. 

Santorini-2 by you.

December is a very quiet season for Santorini because it is windy and the sun goes down earlier, but perfect time for keen photographers like me.  Everywhere I went, every turn I took, was a beautiful scene.  It was very hard for me to put the cameras down.  In 3 days I took almost 800 photographs!

Santorini-3 by you.

Santorini is simply lovely.  Each house is painted with simple theme (blue & white, orange & white, pink & white), but together, they form a striking whole.

Santorini-4 by you.

There were no tourists around us!  This famous seafood restaurant was empty!  We had fish soup and grilled seafood that night. 

Santorini-5 by you.

Hello… is anyone there?

Santorini-7 by you.

See the colour of the sand on the beach?  It is black colour, formed from volcanic lava.  Santorini island is made up of volcanic lava from the volcano that erupted many years ago.  Amazing.

Santorini-17 by you.

This cat was having a long yawn whilst chilling out.

Santorini-9 by you.

Santorini-15 by you.

More cats.  Perhaps this island should be called “Catorini”!

Santorini-10 by you.

Santorini-11 by you.

Santorini-12 by you.

Santorini-13 by you.

The door of dreams?

Santorini-14 by you.

Santorini-16 by you.

Santorini-18 by you.

Santorini-17 by you.

Santorini-19 by you.

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