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A Visit to Leicester

I haven’t seen Anil since he came back to UK after attending our wedding in Hong Kong. It was great to meet him, his parents and sister. It took me about 4 hours to drive to Leicester from Newcastle (including short break for 1 hour in service). It was a great re-union. It felt like when we were in Hong Kong again. Not only we had chance to see him, but also his lovely parents and sister. While I was there, we also did a family portrait photoshoot for them.After meeting Anil and his family, now I understand why he is so healthy because his mum’s cooking is just second to None. Aunty cooks traditional mouth watering, colourful and tasty Indian food. I’d love to have more currys like that in the future, so I think I’d have to come up with a good excuse to visit Anil again!

Anil at Bradgate, Leicestershire

Photos taken below at Bradgate park, UK.

The Solanki family, me, Ling (make-up artist) and Lee (hair stylist).


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  • Mukesh & Kirti Solanki

    Hi Ken & Shirley

    It was lovely to have you stay with us for the weekend. Glad to hear you enjoyed the curry, you are very welcome to visit us again anytime, you do not need an excuse. Next time I will teach you how to make a curry. We are very impressed with the photos, very professional!. Hope to see you again very soon.

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