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Sam & Reuben – Wedding at Beamish Park Hotel, Newcastle

Found these seashells from a display set in the newly wed’s home.  Could these be mementos from a romantic holiday they had together?  I thought that it was nice to match these up with the wedding rings.

Sam is a teacher and Reuben is professional videographer.  Sam comes from Hong Kong and Reuben comes from Bombey in India.  During the speech, Reuben’s boss asked why of all places in UK he chose to study at Sunderland University! 🙂 

No offence!  (He was booed by the guests who came from Sunderland haha).  His dad said the same thing.  After he finished his studies, he met Sam through one of the friends’ gathering party.  Since then, Reuben did not think of moving back to Bombey.  A year after, he told his dad he met a Chinese girl and wanted to marry her….story to be continued…

Wedding ceremony – St James Church in Riding Mill

Wedding venue: Beamish Park Hotel – Newcastle

Reuben – a very happy man on the day.

A close friend congratulates Reuben.

Sam is so poised and elegant! I love this shot.

While Sam was getting ready (reflection in the mirror), the bridesmaids were too.  I like this shot very much; it shows the simultaneous events that happen at the same time on a busy wedding day.

Sam adores her bridesmaid and flower girl.  They look so radiant like the sunlight that shone into the bedroom.

Sam walking down the aisle with her father.  Sam was so happy.  This is what true love does to you.  Her smile was effortless and very natural.

Reuben looked very smart on the day.  Perhaps that’s why Sam is smiling 😀

When I showed this picture to Reuben, he said this is a trademark “Samantha” laughing shot.

Funny speech by Reuben’s colleague – there is a Chinese saying that if something is so funny, your audience will laugh till you can “only see their teeth, and not their eyes”. 

Thank you Sam and Reuben for arranging a place for me – food was so yummy but not much time to sit down though 🙁

Sam_Reuben-22 by you.

The flower girl is only 3 years old, but already showing a lot of interest in photography!  Very cute.

Sam_Reuben-23 by you.

The first dance.

Sam_Reuben-25 by you.

Everyone was enjoying themselves!

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