Pre-Wedding Photography,  Pre-Weddings in Prague

Fiona & Selwyn – Pre-wedding Photoshoot Prague – Day 1


Pre-wedding/Engagement Photoshoot location:  Prague City Centre

Dress: Dorian Ho

Many people have asked to see more photos of the pre-wedding/engagement photo shoot in Prague.  Here they are, as I am currently processing the photographs taken for Fiona and Selwyn.

In the past, there were many clients who have asked me the same question: “Ken, is this a good location (e.g. London, Paris, Newcastle, York, Cambridge, Prague, Greece) to take pictures?  Shall we go to this other place instead of this?

I believe every place is unique.  It really depends on how you see and feel it.  I appreciate every single place that I have been to.  If it is new to me, I would like to explore it even more.  There is no reason why we cannot take good photos because of its location.   It is not about location.  It is about how to enjoy the place.  If we always open our heart and accept what we have in life, stay optimistic and think creatively, you will surely get a good set of photographs.

When I first started photography professionally, I told myself that I have to use a different approach to express my love and passion towards wedding photography.   I believe a good photo should be able to connect and touch people’s hearts.  I hope this set of photographs do just that.  Enjoy!



Ken: Sorry, I was in the picture as well!

Every picture on the wall has its own story…

A nice restaurant in the city centre of Prague.  There wasn’t much light in this room.   Thank you Choi for holding the light for me.

Guess where was this taken?

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