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Pre-wedding schedule in Europe

Update: Pre-wedding schedule 2010 / Open for 2011 bookings (Please contact us for schedule)

Pre-wedding in London

After having a successful year in 2009 winning the Kodak UK Wedding Photographer of the Year 2009 and being a Finalist in the Master Photographers Association Open Awards, Ken Lam has set his sights for 2010.

Ken will be in Paris, London and Italy in February/April/June 2010.  In October, he will be travelling to Prague and Santorini.  If anyone is interested in joining Ken in one of these picturesque pre-wedding locations for an unforgettable photography experience, please feel free to send us an email [email protected]/blog or use our Contact Us page.  In order to maintain the quality of his work, we only accept up to 3 couples for each location.  If you have a specific location and date for wedding/ pre-wedding photography coverage that is not in the list below, please kindly email us and we can check Ken’s availability.

1. Santorini – 16th-18th May (1 place left)
2. Rome – 19th to 25th May (20th booked, 2 places left)
3. Paris – 26th to 30th May (27th booked, 1 place left)
4. Sorrento, Italy -19th to 22 June (1 place left)

5. Sicily, Italy  – end of Sept  (1 place left)
6. Santorini, Greece– 4th Oct to 8th Oct (4th is booked, 1 place left)

We will update these numbers from time to time.



Let your pre-wedding photographs show your beauty, your love, your happiness, and you.

On a wedding day, most couples usually do not have adequate time to pose for intimate and romantic shots.  Usually they will be going from the church/civil ceremony venue to the reception venue.  The day is often over too quickly.  Therefore this is when couples would choose to have a set of “pre-wedding photographs” taken before their wedding day.  Sometimes these photo shoots are done after the wedding too.

Doing a pre-wedding photo shoot is a personal preference, therefore has its own place and priority for different couples.  To some, it is the most important item in their overall wedding plan, and so it is done lavishly and carefully organised to greatest precision, to some it is the meaning behind it, that is, having a set of intimate and personal photographs of themselves, and so is done semi-casually.

Whatever your preference or priority is, my aim is to capture you at your very best; ultimately I want to capture the emotions and feelings between you and your ‘other half’.  It is also about having a fun and special experience.  A fusion of letting your hair down, but also feeling like a model on a Vogue fashion photo shoot!

Zeta & Bryan - Pre-wedding/Engagement in Prague

Zeta & Bryan - Pre-wedding/Engagement in Prague

Karine & Eric- Pre-wedding in Paris

Pre-wedding in Prague

Living in UK and being close to various European cities, I am fortunate to engaged by all my wonderful clients to photograph them against some of the most breathtaking locations in Europe.

This year my assignments has taken me to Paris, London, Rome, Venice, Prague, Edinburgh, Cambridge and Newcastle, York, Durham, but for next year, I want to promote other undiscovered European locations that are equally (and even more breathtaking) than the usual cities that I’ve been before.  I have already started accepting bookings for year 2010 and 2011, so if you need further information about our wedding/ pre-wedding coverage, please do not hesitate to contact us at [email protected]/blog or use our Contact Us page.

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  • Naomi Bousfield

    I am getting married on Sat 23rd Oct this year and would like to find out a bit more about the packages you offer and the prices you charge.

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