The Wonders of Technology

I am on a train travelling to London.  Sometimes, it is great to leave Newcastle for a short while to refresh the mind, body & soul 🙂  Sorry, I haven’t been blogging as often as I used to be.  I have been busy sorting out many things in life plus wedding backlogs.

One happy thing that I would love to share is that we met Sino and Gary yesterday (a client I took wedding photographs for at the Royal Station Hotel, Newcastle back in Sept last year).  It was actually the first time they came to our home in Newcastle and to our surprise, they brought us some souvenirs from Thailand.  Sino gave me a keyboard cushion – I think I mentioned to her that my hands ache from taking photographs and editing photographs, so she says the keyboard cushion would help with this problem.  Also Gary bought me a lot of good authentic Thai food because they both know I (and Ling) lost a lot of weight in the past year because of my workload.  Thank you guys, you are both very thoughtful and we are so touched 🙂 I envy you both having had such a fabulous holiday under the sun.

We also had a friend spending her weekend with us, her work brought her to Dublin and she took time out to visit us in Newcastle.  Thank you Cheng Yee.  Cheng Yee brought us a box of sumptuous Butlers chocolate pralines and truffles.  It seems that they are Ireland’s best chocolates and is said to be “made in heaven”.  I can believe that! 🙂  Hopefully it can help me put on more weight than normal chocolates!

Oh yes, I am blogging using the wireless internet at the moment.  This service is provided by National Express Train, UK.  They are the first train in the world which provide GPRS internet service.  How cool is that!  Actually, the service has been released for almost 2 years.  Overall, the speed is acceptable.  It is fast enough for me to send and reply emails.  Normal browsing is acceptable also.  The connection drops in several occasion from Newcastle to York.  Hope it wouldn’t drop again when I submit this post.

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