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Cuby & Samuel – Pre-wedding in Paris

Each time I visit Paris, I learn something new; I learn a little more French, a little more culture, and each time Paris doesn’t disappoint as it presents me with new places which surprises me.

Paris is a place with infinite beauty and love.  I wonder if it is the beautiful buildings and scenery which helps in creating the perfect mood for love or perhaps it is the “public display of affection” of French people kissing at the café, on the streets, at the airport.  Maybe it is all of these that make Paris the most romantic city in the world.  Paris is also referred to as “La Ville-Lumière” (“The City of Light”), a name it owes first to its fame as a centre of education and ideas during the Age of Enlightenment, and later to its early adoption of street lighting.

This time, my couple is Cuby and Samuel who flew in from Hong Kong.  Cuby has been following my blog for sometime (she told me that she has read every article on my blog!) so when Samuel went down on his knees with 99 roses during a private boat trip, followed by a YES, we find ourselves here in Paris for their pre-wedding photoshoot.

Cuby and Samuel, thank you for your constant support.  Hope you like the photographs.


  • Cuby


    Finally I found a place in Shanghai that allows me to access the internet, which is the Shanghai airport ! (I kept searching for an internet cafe everday in SH to look at your blog :>……)

    Both Samuel and I love your work!!! Those photos are amazing, know what ? I even shouted out in the lounge when I successfully opened this page. Your work make me so excited!

    Can’t wait for the rest of your works! Let me text you when I am back in HK!

    Once again, thank you so much! Your works and the enjoyable shooting experience you created for us has made our wedding a memorable and wonderful one ~


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