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Pre-weddings in Prague, London and Santorini

Where have I been? Pre-weddings in Europe!

This October, I’ve had a very exciting month.  After my trips to Paris, Florence, and Prague, I only had ONE day to spend time at home.  Afterwards, I travelled to London and Santorini for my next photoshoots.

A special one day – not for wedding photography!

After the pre-wedding in Prague, I had to travel to London for another pre-wedding photoshoot.

Although I could have taken a direct flight from Prague to London, instead I flew from Prague to Manchester.  I then took a 4-hour train from Manchester Airport to Newcastle.  This is because I wanted to spend one of the most important days with my family.  It was my little boy – Karl’s 1st birthday.

Time really flies, from the moment I first cuddled and fed him to the point he started cruising and now he can walk about 10 steps without holding onto anything.  Seeing him grow one day at a time, is a very fulfilling.  He makes us feel “complete”.

What happened after the pre-wedding photography in Paris?

Coming back to the pre-wedding photoshoots, when I finished the pre-wedding photography in Paris, I almost missed my flight to Pisa!  The taxi came to pick me late from the hotel that morning, and the traffic in Paris is so unpredictable and often very busy!  I was actually 5 minutes late and the check-in gate had closed. Fortunately, the lovely ground staff at the Charles de Gaulle airport was kind enough to print me a Boarding Pass and allowed me to go straight to the boarding gate with 2 of my luggages :).  I don’t think I would be that lucky next time.

This is the first time I experienced 3 climates within 7 days.  From the very cold freezing weather in Prague, to the moderate Autumn in London, and then the very hot but beautiful Santorini. I had to adapt the climate changes very quickly.  I was so pleased that everything went to plan.  This time, there was no volcano ash but still there a drunk man who came into my photo during the photoshoot at night in London.  He wanted me to take a photograph of him, so I clicked the shutter twice and told him to “ok, off you go now”.   Luckily he was a friendly drunk guy.  No harm done.

Below are some of my favourites.  Enjoy!

Pre-wedding Prague - UK Pre-wedding photographer
Pre-wedding Prague – UK Pre-wedding photographer

Kodak UK Wedding Photographer of the Year


  • Rory

    Happy Birthday to little Karl!!
    And to you Ken, take the best care of yourself!
    Life is busy but never overload yourself!
    See you soon!
    All the best!!
    Rory xx

  • Carol

    The 2-days of photoshoot in Prague and Santorini was a remarkable experience indeed… Ken’s distintive talent created numerous beautiful sceneries in our pictures despite the extreme weather (freezing cold and blinding sun)! All of our friends and family are very impressed with the output! It is really worth our effort doing the difficult poses esp. the single-leg standing pose !=.= (luckily I practise yoga quite often, haha…)

    Keep it up, Ken!

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