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Lynda & Omar Chin-Keow – Wedding in London

We travelled to London to attend Lynda and Omar’s African wedding. It was interesting when I came to know that Omar who is Jamaican, actually has Chinese blood! His grandfather is Chinese, hence the family name “Chin-Keow”. When I saw Omar in person, I thought he looked like Thierry Henry(!), one of the best footballers in the world who plays for Barcelona. Actually thinking about it, he is better looking than Thierry. If any Thierry fans out there disagrees, please leave a comment at my blog 🙂 The day started off with Lynda and Omar dressed in African traditional outfit attending the registration, followed by a western wedding. The reception then followed, and I had the luxury of trying out African and Carribean food. The curry was very delicious! Congratulations to both of you, enjoy your honeymoon in Barbados!


~ At a glance ~

Lynda looking of the window, seeing if her bridal car has arrived.



Bridemaids Tolu, Krisdionne helping Lynda put on her wedding gown.



Lynda reflecting…



Final check before the ceremony.

Bride in preparation


Omar and Lynda, as husband and wife.



Just the two of us.



Having a private moment together.

Love lifts us up where we belong
An African/Carribean Wedding

~ Locations ~

Registration – Southwark Registration Office.

Ceremony – The Kingdom Hall of Jehovah’s Witnesses.

Reception – The Link Community Centre, London.

~ Ken in action! ~


~ The wedding album ~

Click here to view the Highlight-of-the Day storybook album


  • wyngo

    So nice! Ken, you really got the sense of take real touching moments from a wedding! I love the third picture so much, beautiful lighting with nice composition, i’m sure the bride love it too! good job! Wait to see more from you! 🙂

  • Lynda Chin-Keow

    Hi Ken & Shirley, I love all the pictures. My favourite is the 2nd picture. I’m so excited now, can’t wait until I see the rest.

  • Joy

    The images bring a tear to my eye, they’re all remarkable and tell a story two young aspiring individuals who happen to fall in love and live happily ever after.

    Joy (bridesmaid and sister of Lynda)

  • kenlam

    Hi Lynda and Joy,

    Thank you for your generous comments. There was a moment which touched my heart especially when Chin Keow ‘s mum cried during the civil registration. Thank you so much for having me as your wedding photographer. Shirley and I enjoyed every minute of it. If I didn’t have to work on the next day, I would have been stayed until the end of the evening. Lynda, I guess that you are still in Barbados with Omar. Please do send us some photos when you guys are back. Joy, your voice is amazing when you sang live, with no music accompaniment at the reception. I wished that you sang more songs at the reception.

  • Lawrence Tsang

    Lawrence Tsang

    Translation: Very happy to have the opportunity to view these photographs. You get better and better after each photoshoot! Plough on!

  • Candy18

    Hi hi,
    Congrtulations, Lynda and Omar. I’m glad to share your happiness.
    Key, Ken, those photos are very nice that you can show the very little details of the wedding, even the preparation. I really like the first photo at the top. I could feel the anticipation and excitement of the bride. Although the dress seemed to look like lonely in the first photo, I could see the good future through the dress with addition to the drawing/ portrait of the couple.



    This is krisdionne, the matron of honor I really really love the pictures your pro’s in my eyes. yes when I get married I’m booking you straight away so just have that in mind, the photo I love is the one when Lynda and Omar are walking in the park holdin hands I think that picture can get an Oscar award. Anyway cant wait to see the rest of the photo’s I want to see more of me KRISDIONNE not forgetting you have to pay me to advertise my face on the web only joking take care


    P.S Omar AND Lydia you two look great

  • Omar "Groom" Chin-Keow

    Ive been looking at the pics and peoples comments since they been up and only just noticed I haven’t posted.

    I think Ken’s done a brilliant job. All shots are well composed and really capture the emotion of the moments they were taken in.

    I’m eagerly anticipating the complete album and reminiscing on what was easily one of the best days of my life.

    Many Thanks Omar.

    P.S You were wrong Ken, I don’t look like Thierry Henry. But Right that i do look better 😉
    ..Thats right….

  • kenlam


    I totally agree with you. Thierry Henry can’t even beat you. By the way, the online album is ready for viewing. Please feel free to share with your parents and friends.

    Kindest regards,

  • e-Carrie

    Well done Ken! Didn’t know your photograpghy skills have improved tremendously. For other bloggers, Ken has taken so many photos for me on my convocation in year 2005 and the photos were excellent!!! Ken is so much better than so many other professional photographers in Malaysia, and Ken, if you were to come out on your own as the professional photographer, I will give you my fullest support, wishing you all the best and may my blessing multiplies! You are such a talented young photographer with such a bright future! Congrates.

    Please make yourself available on my wedding next year 🙂 I definitely need you here and it’ll be my pleasure to have you as my photographer on my wedding, and you make me feel so proud of you!

  • Simone White

    The photos are beautiful. They have captured the day wonderfully. Have a wonderful marriage Omar & Lynda, stay blessed. Much Love SIM

  • Ivy Chow

    Siu Leung /Ken ,

    I have look through all the photos and I love all of them. I look at them again and again. I can feel that they were all taken from your heart, so real and so touching. Hope that you can keep on going as a photographer forever. I have introduced you and your website to my students today. They can’t believe that the pictures are taken by you (my ex-student)!

    They are all very interested to know more about you. I have told them about your story. Hope that they can fulfill their dreams, just like you. I am proud of you. Just can’t wait to attend you and Ling’s wedding ceremony. See you soon.

    Miss. Chow

  • Bren Ann Chin

    Omar and Lynda I am sorry I wasn’t there to cry with your mum. You both look so Fabulous. Lynda you are beautiful and Omar, you have grown to look just like your dad, Very Handsome.
    The photographer did an excellent job!!!!
    Best wishes to you both as you begin a new chapter of your lives.
    Love always,
    Your Auntie…………Bren

  • Yemi

    As the rather excited Mother of the Groom I regretted not being able to witness EVERYTHING but I must say I couldn’t be more pleased. Thanks to you the perfect day was beautifully, creatively captured that I don’t feel I have missed out on anything. The memories are now concrete with your help. I admire your prudence and professionalism.

    What’s my favourite photo? I love them ALL!! Thank you both, so much. I will keep in touch.

  • Shedden

    Ken, WOW! That was all that came through my mind the moment I saw those pics. Very impressive over there! I really love them all. Best wishes to the bride & groom too!

  • Monet

    The two of you … so FULL OF LOVE!!!!

    So sorry we weren’t there to share this moment….


    Much Love
    “Auntie” Monet

  • Garth Chin-Keow

    I’m sorry i wasn’t there. I am going to try to give you a visit next year. I wish you the best in the future. I hope everything goes well.

    Uncle Garth

  • Dr. & Mrs. Ee

    Ken, you did a wonderful job of capturing the precious moment of two special individuals , deeply in love and tying the knot. You knew when to take the shots and when they came out, it naturally reflected the real feelings of the beautiful, loving couple. Keep up the excellent work. May you continue to pursue this wonderful hobby of yours and may your efforts continue to soar to greater heights in the years to come. Warmest regards.

  • Yvoone Law

    Finally you got my comment!!! haha…These set of photos are outstanding!!!! They are just simply the best wedding photos i have seen. I am now waiting for my photos from you…lol

  • _.~:::.The Eiter Family.:::~._

    Hi Omar, Linda and the rest of the world

    We were amazed by the beauty – not only of the pictures! Your choice of the photographer was BRILLIANT (Ken YOU are goooood!!) We are really sad that we could not be there but like this we at least shared the most important moments of THE day. Congratulations to both of you and congratulations to Ken ( Again: Fabulous piece of work!)

  • Francine Chin

    Hi Omar & Linda: Would you believe I am only now seeing these wonderful photos? I won’t say the usual “sorry I wasn’t there”. I would have but the timing conflicted with some crucial schedules. Your photographer however captured and delivered some major moments that my live presence may have missed. Superb! Well son of my favorite brother you are now a man with a wife. Need I say no more video games and practical jokes for a while? Linda, you both have been blessed with each other. Do take care of him and if there is any problem just give me a ring. I will whip him into shape. All the best and much blessings.

    Aunty Francine
    Long Island, New York. USA

  • Trudy

    Omar it is Trudy ur cousin of course I am sooooooooo happy for u and Lynda. Hope u have a great life together email me.
    Peace, Love Happiness

    Long Island, New York USA

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