Pre-Wedding Photography

Emily and Ka Kin – Engagement photo slideshow, Newcastle

Emily and Ka Kin is a very special couple.  They both prefer to see each other wearing gown and Tuxedo on the big day.  They are very down to earth couple who like to travel around the world.   After spending many years in Australia, they decided to come over to Europe for a new life.  They are both are very outgoing and flexible as well.  I suggested them to come to Newcastle for a photo shoot.  I was so glad that they accepted my idea.  Hope you both like the photo slideshow.

[dailymotion id=x6op10]

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  • Ina

    I love this album so much. They gave away all their modern possessions (I mean gown and Tuxedo) and returned to nature. It’s given me fresh and not boring when I saw it.

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