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May & Akwan – Wedding at Hilton Hotel, Newcastle

May and Akwan is a wonderful couple.  Very down to earth.  I feel very honoured that they have put their trust in me during both days of the photoshoot.  On the actual day, they were so playful and natural.  They could easily let themselves go and were natural in front of the camera, enjoyed the wedding and mixed with the wedding guests.  Don’t forget to switch on the speakers.

Wedding Venue: Hilton, Newcastle Gateshead, UK

[dailymotion id=x6pf5d]

To see their Engagement photo slideshow, please click below:
May and Kwan engagement photo shoot


  • Cecilia Pang

    Quite heart warming photos which brought a lump to my throat….superlative photography that did justice to a wonderful looking couple,choosing Newcastle train station was ingenius…such an absorbing and emotional bit of work…well done Ken…

  • Victor Akwan Chan

    May and I were in tears when we saw Ken’s work. Tears of joy of course. We love the photos and the production too. We could actually see everyone’s faces on our wedding day from this album and was wonderful to see everyone enjoyed themselves. Thx Ken for the good hard work on both pre-photoshoot and the wedding day shooting.

  • Jimmy Lam

    粗略地看過你的部落格(粗略是因為看圖略字 >_< 我的英文水平真是 X!#?YZ…),整個篇幅都是英文字,最後我還是選擇用中文,說到底這也是我們自出娘胎的母語,比較有親切感,中國人才看得懂.


    我們雖是稱兄道弟,但卻是聚少離多,盼望你們下次來港時可以預留多一點時間給我,一同去外影,食飯,唱K (讓我大展歌喉) haha

    你是我的御用攝影師. 我的婚禮你一定要到啊 !


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