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Sum Yee & Adrian – Wedding in Northampton and London (Slideshow)

Many of Sum Yee and Adrian’s friend asked why I didn’t take a break during their wedding. This is because I wanted to do my best and capture every single moment in and I believe moments happen once.  I didn’t want to miss any moment.  Photography always is my passion and  I do this for every single clients.  Hope you enjoy watching it.  Don’t forget to turn the speakers on.

[dailymotion id=x6oehq]

If you want to see the photo summary of Sum Yee and Adrian’s wedding, please click here

P.S. Honestly, I tried to eat every single course of meal and thank you for the Groomsmen who reserved those good food for me 🙂


  • Tracy Wong

    hi ken,

    this is great….. i love this video…..a wonderful highlights of the wedding. it was a beautiful day for this gorgeous couple.



  • kenlam

    Thank you Tracy, Eva and Jackie for your comments. I am glad you guys like the photos. I used this song because they used it in the first dance and I like it very much too.

  • Ann Tsang

    Hello Ken

    I must say that these pictures are absolutely amazing. It may only be pics from one day but it feels like it tells a story of someones life. Or should i say two peoples lives.
    It brings back memories of how it all happened. All happy memories, on how they met and what they have been through to achieve where they are today.
    I didnt really come close to tears at sumyees wedding but looking at these pics now it surely has bought a tear to my eye. They will surely be cherished by sumyah, aj and all of us.

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