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Venice Pre-wedding | Prague Pre-wedding | Paris Pre-wedding

Venice Pre-wedding | Prague Pre-wedding | Paris Pre-wedding

Venice Pre-wedding | Prague Pre-wedding | Paris Pre-wedding photo-shoot experience in Europe is a unique and wonderful experience.

As transport and technology advanced, savvy couples from all over the world – Hong Kong, Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Australia, UK, choose to do their pre-wedding photography against some of the most breathtaking locations all over the world, due to its magnificent landmarks and rich history, Europe has become a favourite pre-wedding destination.

Whether you like the romantic backdrop of Paris, the breathtaking volcanic views of Santorini (藍天白雲) , the iconic London, the unique city on water Venice, or the fairytale-like Prague, there is a place in Europe that will suit the every couple for their once-in-a-lifetime pre-wedding photography experience!

We are pleased to announce that our European pre-wedding photography schedule is now open for booking.  Our email is [email protected]. For more information about the Overseas Pre-wedding schedule, please refer to the link below:

Europe Pre-wedding | Pre-wedding Prague | Pre-wedding Paris |

We are based in UK and we specialise in Paris pre-wedding, London pre-wedding, Venice pre-wedding, Prague pre-wedding, and also pre-wedding in cities like London, Florence, Rome, Moscow, Provence, Santorini and more.  We go where you want to go!

More about Ken Lam Pre-Wedding Photography:

Ken Lam is one of the best pre-wedding photographers in the UK.  In 2009, he won the Kodak UK Wedding Photographer of the Year, and was also a Finalist Master Photographer in the Master Photographers Awards.


Kodak UK Wedding Photographer of the Year


  • Sufhia leka

    Hw much ur prewedding package?

    How long we have our photo since our prewedding shoot?

    Please sent the details about overseas package (europe)..


    Best Regards,

    Sufhia 🙂

  • Yenny Lie

    Hi, Can i have price list and details included in package (as well as location)of for Prewedding PhotoShoot in Macau? Thanks

  • Racheal Goh

    Hi.. i totally felt in love with your work you posted. May I know if you could take our pre wedding photos in Europe. Hear from you soon. Thanks

  • Jason Ng

    Hi Ken,

    My fiancee and i would be travelling to Paris during the first 2 weeks of May and we would like to possibility have our pre-wedding photos taken there as well.

    May i know what is your rates and packages available?
    Thank you!

  • Anthony

    Hi Ken,

    Stumbled upon your website and really love your work. Could you roughly tell me how your Paris/Santorini photoshoot works? How much would it cost me and how long will such a shoot take? Any pertinent info I should know about?

    Thank you!

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