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Europe Pre-wedding Photography

We are pleased to announce our 2018 Europe Pre-wedding Photography Schedule in Europe and the rest of the world.

In May 2018, we are visiting the amazing pre-wedding destination Hallstatt, Austria, also a UNESCO World Heritage.  The links below are some of the Europe pre-wedding photos taken in the past.

Pre-wedding Paris

Pre-wedding Photos in Prague

Pre-wedding Photography in Santorini

Pre-wedding photographer in London

If your favourite city is not on the list, please e-mail [email protected] for more information. We are based in UK, so our team can travel anywhere in Europe throughout the year.  For flights details, please go to

Europe Pre-wedding Photography


Jan – Barcelona*, Paris
Feb – Newcastle, Prague, Paris
Mar – London, Paris
Apr – London, Newcastle, Prague
May – Paris, London, Halstatt*  (UNESCO World Heritage)
Jun – Paris, London*, Provence
Jul – London, Paris*, Cinque Terre
Aug – London, Tuscany, Provence
Sep – Paris, Venice, Florence*
Oct – Santorini, London, Paris
Nov – Paris*, London, Florence
Dec – London, Newcastle

2018 歐洲婚紗攝影 

1 月 – 巴塞羅那*, 巴黎
2 月 – 纽卡斯尔, 布拉格, 巴黎
3 月 – 伦敦 & 英国任何城市,巴黎
4月 – 伦敦,纽卡斯尔, 布拉格
5月 – 巴黎,伦敦,哈爾施塔特 (世界遺產)
6月 – 巴黎,伦敦*,普罗旺斯
7月 – 伦敦,巴黎*,五渔村
8月 – 伦敦,托斯卡纳,普罗旺斯
9月 – 巴黎,威尼斯,佛罗伦萨*
10月 – 圣托里尼,伦敦,巴黎
11月 – 巴黎*,伦敦,佛罗伦萨
12月 – 伦敦,纽卡斯尔


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