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Wedding at Castle Bromwich Hall

It has been a LONG time since I last updated this blog. If this was a house, it would have probably gathered cobwebs!

Life has been super busy keeping up with my photography work.

Well, I do not think that we can ever truly stop.  After all, time does not stand still, but, we can choose to allocate time for activities that are meaningful to us.

After a nice little break from blogging, I have now gathered up new energy.  I am ready to present you with the photographs from a wonderful two-day wedding celebration of Cindy and Alex.  Most modern Chinese couples now celebrate their wedding over two days, in order to marry legally (the civil wedding) on one day and to celebrate their union in Chinese Traditions (on the next day).

Wedding at Sutton Coldfield Trinity Church and Castle Bromwich Hall

On day one, the wedding took place at Sutton Coldfield Trinity Church. It is such a majestic church in Sutton Coldfield and has amazing interiors.  The day concluded with a cosy evening meal.

The next day, Cindy and Alex celebrated their wedding in the traditional Chinese customs.  The events took place at the Castle Bromwich Hall. I was secretly excited knowing that there would be a 10-course Chinese banquet that night.  For those who know me well, I am always fond of Chinese food. 🙂

Chinese Wedding Traditions

The day started off with the traditional Chinese door games in the morning.   The Groom and Groomsmen have to pass some tests, set by the bridesmaids before the Groom is allowed to bring the bride back to his parents’ home for the Tea Ceremony.

The door games are not meant to be intimidating, rather they are done in goodwill, in a light-hearted fashion, usually to set everyone in good spirits and always a great way to lighten up, have fun and have a good laugh!

They can be anything from asking the groom and his entourage to eat wasabi, sing a song or the popular one – wax a section of a leg!

When the door games were done, the Groom can see the Bride and take her to his parents’ home.  At the parents’ home, they will perform the Tea Ceremony.  The Groom and Bride take a turn to serve a small cup of Chinese tea to the Groom’s parents.  This is a sign of respect and gratitude for raising the Groom and accepting the Bride into the family.  The couple would proceed to commute to the Bride’s family for the Tea Ceremony.  Once again, as a sign of respect and gratitude for raising the Bride, and for accepting the Groom into the family.

The Wedding Banquet (yum!)

This was then followed on by the splendid 10-course banquet.  It is usually the highlight of the day where everyone sits down to have a hearty and delicious hot meal.

It was a beautiful day! Once again thank you to Cindy and Alex for booking me as your wedding photographer.  Here are some of my favourites from the wedding celebrations.

Kodak UK Wedding Photographer of the Year

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